Liquidity aggregator

Provides aggregate sources for coin/token swaps
as well as various Liquidity Pools and asset management custodians.

Flexible asset management

Through the Linkflow App interface, asset balances
and flows can be easily monitored and managed.

Data analysis

Linkflow provides top matrix frameworks integrating blockchain
and other market data to support decision making of investors.

Algorithm trading

A series of quantitative trading strategies
including arbitrage trading for global investors.

Prime Brokerage Services

Linkflow Prime Brokerage Service Supports entry into the crypto market and expands the range of fund usage for extended and more effective fund management.

Liquidity Aggregating

Linkflow’s Smart Liquidity Maker service supports institutions and investors in joining and forming liquidity pools as liquidity providers (LPs) and integrates Defi services with this liquidity providing for the most optimized and customized services. Professional financial products such as Algorithm Trading are easily and securely offered with low risk and maximized profits.

LINKFLOW Prime Brokerage Service

Efficient Fund Management

Linkflow provides efficient fund management through leverage from deposited funds for securing liquidity and expanding the range of fund usage.

Cross Exchange Support

Through Linkflow, LPs can take advantage of clearing services for multiple simultaneous open positions in global exchanges all around the world.

Data Delivery Services

Linkflow’s Prime Brokerage Service offers real-time monitoring of all accounts, as well as a simple interface for managing and taking action on user accounts.

Algorithm Trading

Linkflow offers additional profits with fast and stable algorithm trading.

LINKFLOW Algorithm Trading

Linkflow provides solutions for 3 major problems
related to cryptocurrency algorithm trading

Risk Management

Efficiency in Trading

Managerial Capability

Finance engineering-based algorithm trading is the most optimal
method for a cryptocurrency market that is operated 24/7.
With the two clear goals of ‘No-Risk’ and ‘Definite Profits’,
Linkflow’s algorithm trading is focused on making alpha profit and
offers the best experience to investors.

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