Accumulated technologies and experiences in digital market

Our engineering and development team have built a world class platform for multi-system trading. Our accumulated technologies and experience provide the most optimized environment for the foundation of this platform.


We have built a customer-oriented cryptocurrency financial platform with the priority of providing convenience and accessibility to investors without any difficulties.

Highest level ofservice and security

The highest level of security is applied to client information, asset management, and trading operation.

Better Way

Through years of experiences in the highly volatile digital asset markets, the Linkflow solution is based on fast and accurate decision making for better results.

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Project team

Chris Jung


UC Berkeley, United States - B.S. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Linkflow Finance, Hong Kong – President, Innovative finance, DeFi & asset management

Cloud Financial Co. United States – President, Innovative finance & asset management, Evaluation and optimization of block-chain platforms, Client relationships & optimization of frameworks

Capital One Avenue, United States – President, Acquisition, analysis, and liquidation of distressed mortgage-backed assets, Development of the platform for systemized asset management

Graham Albert


Duke University, United States - MBA Carnegie Mellon University, United States – B.A Business Administration

Linkflow Finance, Hong Kong – CMO

Cloud Financial Co. United States - Senior Consultant

BNY Mellon, United States - Managing Director

Salomon Smith Barney Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:SB), United States - Executive VP

Salomon Brothers, Inc. United States - VP of Sales

Arai Masashi


Hiroshima University - B.A, Business Management

Linkflow Finance, Hong Kong – COO

Duane Morris LLP, Japan - Patent Attorney

Nikko Securities, Japan – Managing Director, Corporate Finance & Management

Dai-Chi Kangyo Bank, Japan – Director of Derivatives Team

James Park

Head of Linkflow
Asia Pacific Region

Boston University, United tates - B.A. Business Management,

State Street Corporation, United States - Associate

Mariner Investment Group, United States – Vice President

BNP Paribas, United States - Director

Jay Kim

Technical Advisor

Yonsei University, South Korea - MBA, Business Administration Columbia University, United States - M.S, Electrical Engineering Hanyang University, South Korea - B.S, Electronic Engineering

Qualcomm, United States - Senior Engineer

Humax, United States- Lead Engineer

Solidstreaming, United States - Lead Engineer

Michael Andrews


Texas A&M University, United States – MBA & Master of Science – Marketing University of Toronto, Canada – B.A, Economics

Shuttle Delivery, Canada - Managing Partner

Myongji University, South Korea - Assistant Professor

JEI College, South Korea - Professor